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Master Chulan Kim, Martial Arts Instructor

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Master Chulan Kim

Master Kim is a graduate from Yong-In University, a school which is very famous for its medical degrees and Taekwondo careers. As a very talented Martial Artist Master Kim has competed in many national competitions.. He now is the headmaster of World Champion Taekwondo Gresham in which he inspires and trains students to reach their goals.

  • 7th Degree World Tae Kwon Do Federation Black Belt
  • 4th Degree Yong Moo Do
  • Graduated from Yong-In University in South Korea, Major in Tae Kwon Do
  • National Champion 1995
  • Course of Teaching Profession in Education
  • 20 Years Experience
  • Taekwondo of America Master Founded by Olympic Gold Medalist Master Kim Je-Kyoung (1992)
  • USAT Certified Coach

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