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World Champion Taekwondo Gresham Reviews

  • Taekwondo has been a great match for my daughter. We learned of World Champion with a free trial after she had the opportunity to break a board at the Gresham Car Show. Master Kim and all the instructors have been so good with my three year old. The work they encourage in class is building stamina for my little one and all the hard work is transferring to home! She is offering to help, listening the first time, learning appropriate timing, showing respecting, learning cause and effect, understanding if/then and saying "got it" if not yes sir or yes mom/dad. I appreciate how they meet my child where she is at each day and encourage her outgoing personality. They're patient and know balance. I look forward to seeing her clean up after herself some day!

    Lisa Spears
  • We won a free month trial with Master Kim. After our first class we were hooked! Its been a year, and many belts later, and we hope to continue for many more to come! Thank you all for your dedication, professionalism, and most of all, your respect for the little 'Tiny Tigers'.

    Megan Kurkinen
  • Master Kim and his other masters and instructors have been training my son since he was four. He is now a second-degree Black Belt, and his brother has been in classes for a year. They absolutely love kids, and are great with them.

    David Hawkins
  • If you want to learn real and traditional TKD, World Champion Tae Kwon Do is the perfect place. Awesome instructors and awesome qualities. I've been trainng in a different place, but this place is the top.

    Youngae Kwon
  • This is a wonderful school with amazing teachers. Highly recommend!

    Matt Burnett
  • The best place ever, for both kids and adults, I felt welcomed.

    Nathan Summers

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